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  1. Pop tot Beatles performance
  2. The Click Song by Miriam Makeba
  3. Bend it Send it
  4. Test Your Awareness: Do The Test
  5. Men at Work - Land down under
  6. Christian the Lion reunion
  7. Suffer no more
  8. A little about life and art
  9. We've Been Having It
  10. Edith Piaf to start the week
  11. Chairperson dislikes Fat Cat title
  12. Do you need glasses?
  13. Africa by Toto
  14. South Africans planning for switch to digital
  15. The Great Margaret Singana
  16. Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Three Questions
  17. What is that?
  18. Radio Rats - ZX Dan
  19. Extreme Sheep LED Art
  20. The Internet Knows
  21. South Africa 2010 World Cup Host Cities
  22. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport