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  1. Dti launches system for SA exporters
  2. SA, UK partner in social work exchange programme
  3. UK commits to double trade with SA
  4. SA, UK strengthen relations
  5. Shipping bill to help SA maintain safety standards
  6. Zuma to host SACU Summit
  7. UK relations expert to interact with govt communicators
  8. UK communicator shares ideas with SA
  9. SA arts, culture sector can lead in economic growth
  10. SA to meet UK for trade talks
  11. SA, UK commit to increasing trade
  12. Call to invest in maritime industry
  13. SA, UK to double trade
  14. Transnet buys cranes for Durban Port
  15. Shipping emissions must be curbed
  16. SA, UK focus on trade
  17. Port unveiled in PE
  18. SA maritime industry opens for business
  19. Dti working on expanding abroad
  20. Poultry sector must unite on imports matter
  21. SA’s illiteracy level decreases
  22. Renewed vigour to Industrial Policy
  23. UK delegation to cement ties with SA
  24. SA-UK trade