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shan21 21-11-2010 01:21 PM

Renewing British & Applying for SA Passports
We have brit passports that have been expired for a while, and want to renew them. We have all the C1 forms etc. but have a question as the forms aren't very clear -

If doing a renewal, do we only need to send in the old passport with the form, or must we still submit the original birth certificates etc that the forms mention?

Its just not clear if thats for New applicants only or for Re-newals aswell.

Also, we need to get SA passports - we've never had them as we haven't travelled since obtaining SA citizenship when we came here in '97. Before that we only used our brit passports.
The SA forms mention the need to submit "any other travel documents" - is that only prev. SA travel docs or do we have to give home affairs our brit passports??!


(also, we're in Dbn - any recommended couriers??)

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