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Ho hum

The region's Roman Catholic bishops entered into the crisis yesterday saying that God's judgment awaits Mugabe, who is a Catholic, and his party.

"We warn that the atrocities and barbarism of Zanu-PF are being documented. Mr Mugabe's actions and those of his generals, their wives, his thugs supporters and the so-called 'war veterans' are offensive in the eyes of God. Judgment awaits," the Southern African catholic bishops' conference said in a statement.

yes yes and what did the Catholic Church say about this or the rest of the world?

Mugabe (a Shona) sent his North Korean trained 5th Brigade to massacre the Matabele people, conservative estimates say 30000 people died

John Major's Govt gave him a Knighthood, no wonder the idiot thinks he can get away with murder as he has done so time and again

hypocrites all of them and this is why I say the current responses are window dressing

it is sickening to say the least

the hypocritical world

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