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Tragedy comments from elsewhere

Too little too late. The damage is done.

A destroyed country, destroyed population, destroyed economy.

He killed everybody who opposed him, and even after the Matabeleland massacres, accolades, honourary degrees, and even knighthoods were bestowed on him.

The developed, free, and democratic world should hang their heads in shame, but then they always knew what is best for Africa.

and what exactly has Africa to show

Namibia - Virtualy a one party state.
Botswana - One party state.
Angola - a One party state run by a dictatorship, now even bought over the few leading opposition leaders.
Zimbabwe - a One party dictatorship and will remain so for time in memorial.
Zambia - a Joke totally dependent on donor aid, jumping to the tune of whoever pulls the purse strings.
Malawi - Same as Zambia, and total chaos.
DRC - Taken by Lauren Kabila over the barrel of a gun and then a very very dubious election saw his son elected as the new ruler.
Burundi - Still in turmoil.
Rwanda - Taken by force by a small minority ethnic group with American help and rigged elections therafter - out of fear nobody dare challenge the ruling regime.
Uganda - Rigged elections and oposition politics only allowed a token presence as long as they dont rock the boat.
Kenya - We saw the last fiasco, but at least a protege acceptable to Europe and America is in driving seat.
Gabon, Cameroon - dictatorships.
Nigeria - Farce elections, the last ballotpapers printed in SA were not even delivered from SA to Nigeria.
Ivory Coast - Conflict and mayhem with a European colonial power even delivering hardware to both warring sides of the conflict.
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