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Originally posted by Joan
spam, I seem to recollect that this was asked on VS long ago and that one of the ladies there gave that reply.

I do speak under correction.
No, once you have British citizenship it is yours for life barring the two aforementioned circumstances.

Loss of British Citizenship
There are several ways of losing the various forms of British nationality. All categories of British nationality can be renounced by a declaration made to the Secretary of State. Renunciations made to other authorities are invalid: e.g. a general renunciation made upon taking up U.S. citizenship. Furthermore, there are provisions for the resumption of British citizenship etc. renounced for the purpose of gaining another citizenship. This can generally only be done once.

British subjects (other than British subjects by virtue of a connexion with British Ireland) and British protected persons will lose their British nationality upon acquiring any other form of nationality, whether British, Commonwealth or foreign.

Under the recent Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, British nationals can be deprived of their citizenship if the Secretary of State is satisfied they are responsible for acts seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the United Kingdom or an Overseas Territory. This will only apply to dual nationals, as it will not be possible if the deprival would result in the person's statelessness.
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