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Originally posted by Bushbaby
As far as I know, even if they rescind your citizenship and strip you of your passport, they cannot take away your right to residency. It may not seem much of a comfort but it is something.
That's fine, thanks. I have no intention of ever living there again, I just thought that with the law changing, maybe it would be worth my while to keep the SA passport, although I don't know why I thought that...

Originally posted by nikkinaz
Pam as far as I know you loose it, I am not sure how it can be re-instated, but you are supposed to apply for retention of your SA citizenship first. You will never loose your right to return to SA and live there cause you were born there.

Give SA house a ring to see what can be done about your SA passport. And let us know cause there are a few people who have done this, get their UK first.
Thanks Nikki. Like I said to Bushbaby, I really have bo intention of living there again, so I suppose there really is no need for me to retain it. It was more out of interest than anything else...
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