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Question South African Citizenship Amendment Act

Hi, hoping someone can help, I was born in SA to British Parents who had permenant residency in the SA, I have both an abridged SA birth certificate and full British one. I have never had a SA passport and on leaving SA in 1982 had to obtain a "Permit in Terms of the Departure from the Union Regulation Act, 1955" and also renounce my citizenship, however, I have nothing confirming this except the aforementioned permit. I have now been resident in the UK ever since and always travel on my British passport. I have been advised that I may need to obtain a SA passport and complete a Determination of Citizenship form. Does anyone know anything about the aforementioned departure permit and whether this is proof of renunciation of citizenship. I would quite like to have a SA passport but am travelling to SA later in the year and worried it won't all get sorted out in time. If any one can help it would be appreciated.
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