Moonstruck on Clifton


Moonstruck on Clifton 4th

Moonstruck on Clifton 4th

On Saturday Feb 16th, a crowd of more or less 7000 gathered on Clifton 4th beach to spend a beautiful evening listen to some very cool music.

Families pack their picnic baskets and enjoy the beautiful summer evening under the stars. Even the Astronomical Society is there for people to look through their telescopes at the night sky.

The event was hosted by Cape Talk567 but the main sponsor was Discovery Health. The beneficiaries of the gathering were the N. S. R I. Glow sticks, candles and water bottles were sold for a small fee and the proceeds were donated to the NSRI.

The musicians playing to the crowd,were an acapella group called D7 and The Solid Gold Session band called Virtual Jazz Reality which had the crowd on their feet. Radio Jocks Kieno Kammies and Africa Melane were there to keep the crowd entertained. The event is an annual event which is well run and organized to precision.

Crowds are well behaved, the main drawback being having to make your way back to you car at the end of the evening climbing the notorious Clifton steps but it is well worth it and every year 1000’s of Capetonians  look forward to this wonderful event.

Thanks to Leon Singer for this contribution