Project to restore KZN parks, streets

community play

Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs Barbara Thomson has launched a Community Parks and Street Cleaning project worth more than R13.8 million in Umtshezi, KwaZulu-Natal.

“It is anticipated that the implementation of these projects will create at least 235 work opportunities. This entails, among others, employing 160 women, 160 youth and people living with disability,” the Department of Environmental Affairs said.

The Umtshezi Community Parks and Street Cleaning projects involve the rehabilitation of community parks and planting of trees in and around Umtshezi Local Municipality.

The projects are aimed at restoring, enhancing and rehabilitating open spaces.

“It will also play a critical role in the improvement of climate change through minimisation of biodiversity loss and encourage use of greener technologies to mitigate against environmental degradation,” the department said.

As part of the Umtshezi Community Parks Project, the department will build parking bays, plant grass and provide general landscaping as well as ablution facilities. In addition, existing fencing to the parks will be refurbished.

The Umtshezi Street Cleaning Project is also making a huge contribution to the municipality to carry out basic solid waste management operations which include the collection and safe disposal of waste.

“The initiative will assist the municipality to move towards investments that will promote the green economy concept, particularly for low carbon economy growth,” the department said. –

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