Trawler runs aground

Taiwanese Trawler runs aground

Taiwanese Trawler runs aground

A Taiwanese trawler ran aground off Clifton on Saturday, 12th May, 2012. The salvage operation to tow the beached trawler back into the sea has been postponed for now. The trawler is 50m in length and due to the vessel being beached on a sandbank, it was considered a strong possibility that once the tide had risen the operation would succeed. However, with the recent large moon the tides have no doubt been affected and we can only hope that the tide shall rise soon and allow for the stricken vessel to be towed back into the sea. There is obviously a major concern regarding the environment if the vessel was to break up.

“The positioning and presence of the vessel has the potential to undermine the environmental, economic, and social potential of a key area of the coastline.”

Thanks to Leonardo Solomon for his photo contribution


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