Great new South African tech companies

With the digital revolution becoming the big story of the 21st century, there’s a wide-open playing field for companies seeking to become leading players in global technological innovation.

And interestingly, there have been some great new South African companies emerging that are all showing real innovation in product development whilst harnessing local talent to provide digital services for the rapidly growing tech-friendly markets.

Here are a few of the South African tech companies that are giving the rest of the world a run for its money.

Mxit social media


This South African social media firm has really captured the public’s imagination with 6.5 million South African users all enjoying the rapid and locally tailored communication that the site offers.

Although it is facing fresh competition from the likes of Facebook, Mxit offers a data-light service that is perfectly harmonised to the ‘mobile-only’ market that makes up a large percentage of the population.

Mint smartphones and tablets


Last year the South African tech company Mint made headlines with the announcement of the first South African designed and produced smartphones.

These devices delivered all of the specs enjoyed by rivals such as Apple and Samsung, but were targeted at the lower end of the market.

This comes at a time where mobile technology is really taking off in South Africa with an increased demand from consumers seeking to use a multitude of apps, video calling, and the ability to play online games like those offered by

Skyrove hotspots


Of course, being able to enjoy such high-tech content requires an increased connectivity. And thankfully the South African company Skyrove has sought to increase access to the internet through its imaginative hotspot services.

Thanks to the company’s innovation it now has well over 600 of its hotspots across South Africa where users can easily access its Wi-Fi services to engage in a variety of applications from e-commerce to social networking.



The rise of e-commerce is a massive area in South Africa. However, there have been a few obstacles to overcome, most importantly the issue of how to conduct business easily and reliably.

Thankfully, South Africa’s Snapscan appears to have offered a quick solution through its app that allows a smart way of handling digital payments. And it has proved surprisingly popular with over 10,000 stores in South Africa now allowing users to pay for goods using the app via their smartphone.

Small wonder that it recently won the App of the Year award in South Africa!