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I Am Woman Leap of Faith

I Am Woman Leap of Faith


I Am Woman Leap of Faith, the popular SABC3 television series is back. Season 2 begins on 7th April 2013 after a successful first season run in 2012 and fresh from two SAFTA (South African Film and Television Award) nominations.

The 26 part weekly series offers insightful viewing, exploring deep choices, pivotal realisations and profound moments of change in women’s lives. Shot documentary style, each 24-minute episode features one woman’s story punctuated by a rich and layered leap of faith. The ‘stars’ of the series are a broad and eclectic bunch of South African women with one shared characteristic:  They have all experienced a life-changing moment when they knew for sure that things would never be the same.


The series began when the South African Broadcasting Corporation put out a call for a series on women and spirituality. Former radio talk show host and founder of the family heritage project ‘Life Stories’, Lisa Chait approached acclaimed documentary filmmakers Lauren Groenewald and Miki Redelinghuys from Cape based Plexus Films and teamed up with them.  Llewelyn Roderick, the award-winning director who died in late 2012 was also part of the originating team.  It took 2 years before the SABC green-lighted the project but since its first broadcast in April 2012 the producers and broadcaster have not looked back.


A number of I Am Woman Leap of Faith episodes have been shown at film festivals in South Africa and abroad. They are also being used in classrooms and by NGO’s and businesses as learning tools geared at inspiring viewers about life, change and courage.  The series also has a strong online following.  By March 2013 over 44 000 viewers had watched  via the series website and YouTube channel

Groenewald says, ‘This is not just about profiling women with interesting stories or even ones who have achieved great things in their lives. It’s about finding regular women and the defining moments of change in their lives.  Our women have been so generous with their time and stories, many of which are very personal. We are extremely grateful to them for this’.

‘It’s been a life changing experience working on this project’ says Chait, ‘It’s great content to explore. A leap of faith is about our humanity and what it takes to step into the great unknown either by choice or force of circumstance. The very act of leaping changes your life forever, yet so many of us are afraid to jump and to explore new territory’.


Sundays at 09H30 on SABC3

From Sunday 7th April – Sunday 29th September 2013


All episodes are available on and YouTube channel immediately after their televised broadcast.