YMCA World Hoop Challenge

YMCA World Challenge Hoop Springs Eternal

YMCA World Challenge Hoop Springs Eternal

Five continents, 96 cities, one day all with one aim, to mobilise 5 million people during a global celebration of shooting hoops in an attempt to create a Guinness World Record on 13 October with the YMCA World Challenge Hoop Springs Eternal.

Basketball originated at the YMCA in 1891. A physical education teacher, Canadian-born James Naismith invented the game when he took a soccer ball and a peach basket into the YMCA gym, thus a new game was born.

The YMCA event will take place in thousands of local communities around the world highlighting a global basketball shoot-out that starts in New Zealand, and ends in Hawaii following the time zone progression. The day’s activities will be connected by live broadcasting and other forms of social media during the day, creating a link with various communities and cultures.

The official count will be around how many people are shooting basketballs on the day, not the actual scoring of the goals.

Rev Ian Booth, CEO of the Greater Durban YMCA stated, “We are hoping that everyone coming to Albert Park will be brave enough to shoot a hoop. The whole day is going to be extremely colourful, along with some competitive action on the court.”

“The day is about fun, but also an opportunity to display what the YMCA is all about. The message we would like to achieve is; make a contribution, get involved in your communities, there are some great things happening. We are creating a safe space for young people,” Booth echoed.

In South Africa, YMCA Athlone in Cape Town will be participating in this record attempt. The common element on the day will be basketball but a number of other attractions will keep the crowd entertained. In Durban, the day will involve activities for all ages; basketball skill development, friendly basketball games, entertainment, food and tons of fun organised by Greater Durban YMCA.

The International Federation of Basketball (FIBA) and UNESCO are worldwide supporters of the initiative.

The events will be open to everyone. Come down to Albert Park and shoot a hoop, making global history at the YMCA Hoop Springs Eternal Global Challenge on 13 October.