Africa’s biggest Asset is its Game

orna big game



Conservation Activist – Big 5

You have to take action to make a difference.

The key to successful campaigning, is taking action and longevity.

Anybody can do an expose’ and it goes away & everyone ‘thinks’ it’s cured.

The important thing is to keep it out there in front of people and to do that you have to present the discussion in different ways.

The critical element lies in education and awareness so it does not have to and can’t always be depressing and horrifying, you have to have different approaches.

Known for doing what comes naturally, with a belief that…If you can be successful differently – do it ,the pioneering of a new way to make a difference steered the way by inviting a good reason to revel at an event, knowing you are supporting a good cause. The aim is to provide guests with the best service possible by hosting the most upscale and memorable evenings in exclusive yet funky venues, with the hottest music, great entertainment, snacks and lots of fun!

Employing only the most recognized names in the business to ensure successful delivery is a given and at the same time raising awareness and supporting the organizations who are working everyday on our behalf.

Africa’s biggest Asset is its Game…..
We are NOT “Made in China”…
Restoring Africa to its former Glory…… and Protecting Your Investments…
We are currently working on presenting to you an Unparalleled Event and Unforgettable Experience

– Keep the Awareness Alive –