Table View High play Namibia team

The Fast and The Furious

The Fast and The Furious

May 14, 2012. Table View High School 1stXV played a visiting school from Namibia, who were on tour in Cape Town…. The weather was chilly… it was a hard fought game, both teams played very well,but in the end it was the Namibians that prevailed in the last few minutes of the game. Final score was 17-12 to Namibia.

Thanks to Janine Bell for this photo contribution


  1. Leandre Labuschagne says

    Ek wil net se ekt trots op ons seuns Tsumeb gimmies. hule ek ons naam bja mooi hoog gedra in dia kaap!! jule het sterke trug gekom en die naweek speel jule in die skole finale!! die Sister van nomer 5 gaan daar wees en hard cheer