NDP critical for long term growth

South Africa -  National Development Plan

South Africa – National Development Plan

Pretoria – The implementation of South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) by 2030 is critical to the country’s long term sustainability.

This is the view of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) President Peter Bakker.

“The WBCSD recognises that above all, robust partnerships between government, business and civil society need to be grounded in action.

“We need action to solve the sometimes seemingly overwhelming social, economic and environmental challenges we face,” Bakker said.

He was speaking at a conference organised by the National Business Initiative (NBI) in Johannesburg.

The NBI is one of 64 worldwide regional partners of the WBCSD, which is a CEO-led organisation of 200 forward-thinking companies with a combined revenue of over US $7 trillion.

Bakker addressed South African business, government and civil society leaders about global sustainability priorities and the role of business and government leadership to implement practical steps towards realising a long-term vision.

The WBCSD in Switzerland recognised South Africa’s NDP 2030 as a catalyst to drive action towards a more sustainable country.

The NDP is a policy blue print aimed at alleviating poverty and creating jobs by 2030.

The plan aims to ensure that all South Africans attain a decent standard of living through the elimination of poverty and reduction of inequality.

The core elements of a decent standard of living identified in the plan are:

Housing, water, electricity and sanitation
Safe and reliable public transport
Quality education and skills development
Safety and security
Quality health care
Social protection
Recreation and leisure
Clean environment
Adequate nutrition

The NDP has been approved and adopted by government and has received strong endorsement from the broader society.

The focus now shifts to how the NDP will be implemented. –